The Northern Ireland Advanced Composites and Engineering Centre (NIACE) is a
technology hub for the research and development of advanced engineering and
advanced materials technologies across a range of industrial sectors.
>> to help Northern Ireland’s manufacturing sector grow and develop its
      capabilities, enabling it to compete more successfully on both a national
      and global scale
>> to develop world-class technology solutions for a breadth of
      manufacturing applications
>> to enable companies to work at a scale and in collaborations not
      currently feasible
>> to act as a portal for local companies to gain access to funding
      sources and new business outside of Northern Ireland
>> to provide a creative environment, enabling the generation of
      innovative collaborative projects between industry and academia
>> to perform superior research, leading to the development and rapid
      transfer of skills and knowledge between universities and industry.

The co-location of staff and facilities that NIACE offers enables companies to work at a
level not currently feasible, promotes the development of skills and rapid knowledge
transfer between the universities and industry, and facilitates the development of new
products and manufacturing technologies, all of which supports major manufacturing
companies and their supply chains to improve competitiveness.






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