The Northern Ireland Advanced Composites and Engineering Centre (NIACE) is a participant
based, purpose built research facility located in Belfast. It was born out of a collaboration
between Academia, Industry and Government.

Officially opened in January 2012, the industry led university
hosted centre is a technology hub for the research and
development of advanced engineering and advanced
materials technologies, particularly in the area of
advanced composites technologies, across a range
of industrial sectors.

We want to provide a creative environment to help
Northern Ireland’s manufacturing sector grow
and develop its capabilities, enabling it to
compete more successfully on both a
national and global scale. By developing
world-class technology solutions for a
breadth of manufacturing applications,
we can enable companies to work at a
scale and in collaborations not
currently feasible.

The centre will act as a portal for local
companies to gain access to funding sources
and new business outside of Northern Ireland, which
should generate innovative collaborative projects between industry and academia, performing
superior research, which will lead to the development and rapid transfer of skills and knowledge
between universities and industry.

The co-location of staff and facilities that NIACE offers enables companies to work at a level not
currently feasible, and facilitates the development of new products and manufacturing technologies,
all of which supports major manufacturing companies and their supply chains to improve competitiveness.